The Magic Triangle:
Quality, Time, Cost

Quality, time, and costs are regarded as equal parameters in our production process. Our continual quality improvements lead to customer cost reductions. From sending a quote to opening our shipment containing your tools, you will notice that Hartland thinks of every little detail.

Our shop offers the latest in CNC technology along with the most accurate grinding solutions available for grinding custom tools. The versatility in our grinding cells helps us offer the most efficient, smartest processes for manufacturing everything from new tools to sharpening your worn out standard end mills or high-performance coolant fed drills.

We offer brazing on carbide tipped tools. We continue to manufacture high speed steel tools in all sizes and lengths while stocking M-42 cobalt in most sizes. Our machines offer 3D simulation, and drawings can be generated at the quoting stage to eliminate confusion regarding what your tool will look like when you receive it.

Quality control at every operation — documented by each Master Grinder in our ERP system — assures customers get what they want, every time. Quality is not a given but an equal side of the "The Magic Triangle" which helps us keep cycle times down and costs lower for you, our customer.

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