Subland Drills

Subland Drill, Special Tooling, American Made
Subland Drill, Special Tooling, American Made

Order special custom subland drills here! All of our high performance cutting tools are American Made. Standard delivery is 2-3 weeks. Submit your RFQ information online below or download, print, complete, and fax this order form to (847) 639‑7555.

Requirements for P.D.Q. Delivery:

  • Maximum order quantity: 48
  • Minimum order quantity: 3
  • Bright finish
  • Overall lengths less than 6'
  • Standard grade of steel available
  • Standard H.S.S. grades of M-7 or M-2
  • Standard cobalt grade of M-42 or M-35
  • Carbide tipped sublands will take longer
  • Diameter less than 1.50"


A Large Diameter

B Small Diameter

C Step Length

D Step Angle (incl.)

E Flute Length

G Point Angle

L Tang Length

M Material to be Cut

N Hole Style #

S Shank Size

T Overall Length

W Tang Thickness

Depth of Cut

Tool Material


Other Coating

Coolant Fed thru Flutes

Quantities For Quoting

Special Notes

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